Olivier Pierre-Noël (OPN)

Composer, Pianist.




Music and Graphics : Olivier Pierre-Noël
Based on Schubert's op. 100 (Andante)
Official Slection at the following Festivals:
. Tehran international animation festival 2009 - Tehran, Iran
. Ankara international film festival 2009 - Ankara, Turkey
. Animfest 2009 - Athens, Greece
. Moves09 Movement on screen - Manchester, United Kingdom
. Short circuit Belgrade documentary and short film festival 2009 - Belgrade, Serbia
. Festival international du film de Valenciennes 2009 - Valenciennes, France

“ First I played around on the piano, I love the Andante of Schubert's opus 100 trio, in the end I arranged something, recorded and mixed a three minutes piece. Images kept popping into my head so I had the idea to turn it into a short video in CGI (computer-generated imagery). I just needed to self teach myself CGI beforehand. Here is the result, I hope you enjoy it. ” - Olivier Pierre-Noël